Bern, Switzerland

Development management and capacity development:

Vice-President of the SWISSAID Foundation Council Committee, Berne, Switzerland                                                                                                                                  

Lecturer, Evaluation Approaches in Practice, CAS in Evaluation 2017, University of Berne, Switzerland                                                                                    

Member of the Swiss Association of Evaluation SEVAL

Development policy support:

Development effectiveness; standards for country strategy assessments; policy coherence; political economy assessments; risk assessments.

Thematic / sector experience:
Local governance and decentralization; agriculture and rural livelihoods; sustainable natural resources management, monitoring and change detection; climate change; integrated water resources management; integrated regional development.

Analysis of institutions and organizational effectiveness; organizational change management; team development.

Professional networks with:
- public sector organizations for international cooperation
- international and Swiss non-profit development organizations
- international and Swiss independent development consultants
- Swiss research for development partnerships
- professional evaluation networks (a.o. DAC-OECD network on development evaluation, European Evaluation Society, Swiss Evaluation Association)
- multilateral independent development evaluation offices and regional evaluation networks
- international agricultural research for development network (CGIAR) and research centres