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The Horizon

Around seven years after the establishment of devolutions ltd. as a development evaluation consultancy, we have decided to close doors by the end of next year 2021.

The heavy-hearted side of it is the protracted public health crisis, obliging us to scale down our international engagement and prune the very core of the consultancy's competencies. Although it is no unsurmountable obstacle to carry on evaluation practice based on contemporary communication technology, it cuts deep into indispensable human interaction on-site. Desktop- and web-based remote exchange is no substitute to analytical work face-to-face,  within the context of the evaluation subject, in larger and smaller teams where reflective perspectives are blended beyond spoken words, embracing the entire personality of a communication partner. To keep analytical services confined to home-office can lead to detachment, to in-breeding of thoughts and eventually skewed perceptions. No matter how exciting it is to have more net time available to study documents, research issues and craft reports. 

The move to close the company however is not the end to advisory services altogether. These will continue to be available through the undersigned on an individual basis.

More details on the transition will follow in due course.
                                                                        Martin Sommer
                                                                        Owner Consultant devolutions Ltd.